VAYD Statement on the Hate March in Charlottesville

VIRGINIA - The University Democrats at UVA, Virginia Young Democrats (VAYD) and the Black Caucus of the Young Democrats of America released this statement concerning the racist rally hosted in Charlottesville:

"We, in the strongest possible terms, condemn the multiple rallies of racists and bigots hosted in Charlottesville and on UVA Grounds.

The leaders of this backwards movement rooted in hate and their supporters seek to divide us. 

We will not be divided. Attempts to intimidate us will not succeed. Our diversity makes us stronger. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color in Charlottesville and across Virginia. We, with one voice, say that hate has no place in our Commonwealth or in our country. 

We applaud the community members in Charlottesville who are standing up and meeting this hate with powerful and respectful resistance. We thank the public servants who are working to protect peaceful protest."