VAYD Responds to the Lack of a TrumpCare Vote

VAYD Responds to the Lack of a TrumpCare Vote
Alexandria, VA - VAYD President, James Lewis, released this statement following Speaker Ryan's decision to pull the American Health Care Act - AKA TrumpCare - from the House floor:

"What happened today in the House was chaos before care. 

Despite 7 years of 'repeal and replace' rhetoric, Republicans had and still have no plan when it comes to health care. Once it became clear that they'd lose this vote, they packed up their toys and went home.

Sadly, we know that today's victory is temporary. They'll come back, likely with a worst bill. 

The Virginia Young Democrats will continue our full-throated advocacy for life-saving Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

In November and in 2018, VAYD stands ready to hold Republicans accountable for their efforts to strip 24 million Americans of health insurance.