Stay Informed About the 2017 General Assembly

Do you want to advocate for progressive issues to your state elected officials? As we approach the start of the 2017 General Assembly session, it is important to stay informed about the proposed legislation by our state delegates and senators. These pieces of legislation could have a direct impact on your daily life on issues such as human rights, voter rights, transportation, environmental standards, or health issues. Legislators will cycle through thousands of bills during the first days of the session. It is important to provide your thoughts on the legislation so they are able to vote appropriately.

Before the session starts, many bills are submitted early and available for the public to read. The bills are available through different websites like the Richmond Sunlight Project, VPAP, and the Virginia Legislative Information System.  Virginia Young Democrats are hosting a General Assembly Lobby Day on January 16 to meet with legislators. It is an opportunity to advocate our issues with other young progressives from around the Commonwealth. In addition to the Virginia Young Democrats Lobby Day on January 16, the Fairfax County General Assembly delegation will be hosting a legislative town hall on January 7th. This a great opportunity to provide testimony to our local legislators and get involved advocating progressive issues in your community. There are many important topics that will be discussed during the session and it is great to speak with your representatives before they head to Richmond. Individual legislators will be hosting town halls and we will keep the membership updated through our communication tools. Fairfax Young Democrats will provide a General Assembly update at our January 25th meeting.