Issue Caucuses

One of the major tenets of the Fairfax Young Democrats is to educate our members about the policies and issues of our community. In an effort to specifically address policy issues that would impact young people in Fairfax County, we will be creating issue caucuses. These issue caucuses will be focused on increasing policy advocacy through education, research, direct activism, and political action. These caucuses will be an opportunity for individuals to learn or bring their expertise to help enhance the overall policy discussions within Fairfax Young Democrats and the community.  As we are just starting this process, there will be three initial caucuses with the ability to expand in the future. The first three issue caucus topics are broad but the groups will help shape the direction and goals of each group.  

In the spirit of collaboration, we will be kicking off all three caucuses together on April 19 at the Oakton Library. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.  The three issue caucuses are listed below:  

National: This caucus will be looking at issues on the Federal level and how it will impact young people in Fairfax County 

State/Local: This caucus will be looking at issues on the state and local level and their intersectionality within Fairfax County

Family: This caucus will be looking at issues directly impacting families in Fairfax County specifically young families and children. 

 There is going to be some crossover issues among the caucuses but we will be working together to help frame these discussions in the future. If you have a policy interest, legislative proposal, advocacy idea, or you just want to hang out to talk about progressive ideas, we invite you to attend this meeting.