Get Engaged for November

As we get closer to the November 7 elections, Fairfax Young Democrats have been working with our local campaigns to get the word out about the election. The majority of the overall community does not know that there is an election on November 7 or they do not understand the importance of the gubernatorial election versus other national elections. It is very important to make sure we talk to as many people as possible about the upcoming elections. In an effort to help get the word out, Fairfax Young Democrats will be hitting the road to talk to voters and young voters specifically about the upcoming elections. Join Fairfax Young Democrats as we work to elect our Democratic candidates in 2017. 

October 15: VAYD Northern Region Rally

October 21: Canvass with 67th HOD Candidate Karrie Delaney

October 25: Phonebanking and Beers

October 29: Canvass with 42nd HOD Candidate Kathy Tran