Fired Up! Ready to Go!

Fired Up! Ready to Go! These were the famous words that President Barack Obama used to electrify crowds all over the United States. It has seemed like there have been some pretty dark times lately but sometimes out of tragedy greatness can be born. On March 24, students from a Parkland, Fl helped organized one of largest youth-led protest movements in a long time.  The message was clear: either congress members pass comprehensive gun reforms or prepare to get voted out of office. They had a straightforward plan for youths to register to vote and vote in the 2018 midterm elections. Fairfax Young Democrats are here to help with this goal. 

Fairfax Young Democrats will be working with our partners to help flip the 10th Congressional District from an NRA backed Congressperson. We are gearing up to work in the community to get other young people engaged in this important election and we need your help! Join Fairfax Young Democrats and help us proclaim enough is enough.