Candidate Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Fairfax Young Democrats Executive Board. As a reminder, all applicants must be current members of Fairfax Young Democrats and their dues must be paid for the 2017-2018 calendar year. Once submitting your interest for an executive position, a questionnaire will be sent to all candidates. If you have any questions, please contact 


Open Vacancies and Job Descriptions: 


The Co-Presidents shall be the spokespersons for the Fairfax Young Democrats as provided for by the Executive Board, shall be the principal executive officers of the Fairfax Young Democrats with equal substantive authority, shall each take alternating three-month turns as the sole presiding chair for all regular meetings, and shall supervise the other affairs of the Fairfax Young Democrats in between regular and special meetings.

Vice President

The Vice President shall oversee any executive function as directed by the Executive Board and shall chair meetings in the absence of either President.


The Secretary shall maintain the membership roster for the Fairfax Young Democrats with the appropriate biographical and contact information necessary for the business of the Fairfax Young Democrats, shall keep minutes of all meetings and distribute them within a reasonable time following the adjournment of each meeting, and shall coordinate as needed with any internal or external communications.


The Treasurer shall manage all monetary accounts under the holdings of the Fairfax Young Democrats, shall prepare and submit any official financial reports or filings as required by law or any organization to which the Fairfax Young Democrats is a party, shall regularly report on the status of organizational funds, and shall coordinate as needed on any finance business the Fairfax Young Democrats undertakes.

Political Director 

The Political Director shall direct outreach to community and other Democratic organizations by attending their meetings and events and representing the Fairfax Young Democrats when the Co-Presidents cannot, shall run volunteer and member recruitment at community and political events, shall coordinate campaign activities and generally be in charge of outreach, and shall create and lead special committees for the purpose of outreach or campaign operations as needed.




What executive leadership position are you seeking?