Breakdown: Congressional District Democratic Committee Conventions


Some Fairfax Young Democrats have decided to run for the Congressional District Democratic Committee in the 8th, 10th, and 11th Districts. The following people will be on the ballot for the 10th and 11th CD Conventions on May 13 

10th CD: Bo Cherif 

11th CD: Lainie Singerman, Rebecca Borton, Bryan Graham, Paul Davis

Good luck on Saturday!

What is this event?

The 8th, 10th, and 11th Congressional District Democratic Committees are holding their conventions in May. The conventions are the mechanism that elects the members of the Congressional District Democratic Committee members.

Why is this important to me?

The Congressional District Democratic Committee has entire charge and full control of all matters relating to congressional nominations and elections within its districts. This means this group of people are in charge of candidate selection methods within their respective districts. In addition, members of the committee become members of the state steering committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia. This group sets the policy and procedures for all the democratic committees and organizations within Virginia. Each member has a term of four years.

Why should I get involved?

Virginia has been leaning more progressive for the last couple of statewide and federal elections. The communities of the three Fairfax congressional districts have attracted a large amount of diversity and young people. These constituencies groups have become vital for the success of the Democratic Party and its candidates. However, these groups have been underrepresented on key Democratic Party decision-making groups. This has an impact on what policies are being pursued by the Democratic Party or what perspectives are being brought to the table.

How can I change this?

All residents of the congressional districts have an opportunity to elect their congressional district democratic committee members and your chance is coming very soon. All you need to do is pre-file to serve as a delegate and attend the convention. The convention will be on a Saturday morning where you gather with other local democrats to hear from prospective congressional district committee candidates and you vote for your choices.

Each congressional district is made up of members within of each jurisdiction within the congressional district. The individual jurisdiction will caucus together to determine who their candidates will be for the congressional district democratic committee. In some cases, candidates can work together as a team or a slate. A slate is a group of candidates that run in a multi-seat or multi-position election on a common platform. Regardless of your candidate selection, you cannot change the outcome unless you show up at the convention.

Okay, I am interested….what do I do next?

You must show up to impact this election and think about bringing a friend. It will take some time out of your Saturday morning. If you are interested in attending the convention, you must file with your home congressional district and pay a filing fee.  You can achieve this task by going to your respective committee page; 8th, 10th, or 11th district committee website.


Fine Print….

8th Congressional District Democratic Committee Call to Convention

10th Congressional District Democratic Committee Call to Convention

11th Congressional District Democratic Committee Call to Convention