Election Day 2014

All across the country, races are coming down the wire. All of the effort spent will be for naught if people don't vote. You can still help out! Click here to get connected from now until the polls close tomorrow.

vote_sticker.jpgOf course you still need to vote. Polls open at 6 am and close at 7 pm. If you are in line when the polls close you can still vote. Remember that you must show photo ID to vote this year (for example a Virginia driver's license, a student ID issued by a Virginia higher education campus, or a passport).

What's on your ballot? Whether you're in the City or County of Fairfax or the City of Falls Church, you'll have different questions and candidates on your ballot. Find out what you're voting for at our 2014 election page.


Don't forget to post your "I voted" sticker with #YDVote14 and tell us in what precinct you voted!


Early absentee voting

absentee-vote-fairfax-young-dems.pngIn Virginia, we don't have unconditional early voting. Instead, you have to justify why you need to vote ahead of time. While this may sound daunting, there are many accepted explanations for needing to vote absentee in person or by mail. As long as you registered by the deadline yesterday, you may be eligible to vote early absentee. You can download the application to receive a mail-in ballot here.

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Registration up to date?

Ballot_box_current.svgIf you haven't already voted early absentee, October 14 is the deadline to register to vote in the November 4th general election for US Senate, Congress and the Virginia and Fairfax County referenda. Is your registration up to date or do you need to register? In Virginia, you can register to vote online at https://www.vote.virginia.gov/.

For more information, also visit the State Board of Elections at http://sbe.virginia.gov/index.php/registration/