Thank you

Thank you for your efforts in Fairfax County to elect Democrats. While the national outcome is less than pleasing, we had some bright spots. Our efforts kept Virginia blue for the third presidential election cycle. We stopped a purely partisan effort to add an amendment on Right to Work to our Virginia constitution. While we were unsuccessful in retaking the 10th Congressional District, our support will send a new representative to Washington DC in Congressman-elect Donald McEachin. 

It was a very exciting to see so many first time young voters at the polls. They were ready and eager to do their civic duty. We must work very hard to keep our fellow young voters engaged in the process for 2017. As Hillary Clinton eloquently stated, "Please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it". Our team is gearing up to protect our gubernatorial offices in 2017 and we could use your help. Keep in touch with the Fairfax Young Democrats by signing up for our emails, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter. There will many opportunities to fight for our progressive values in Virginia and we need all hands on deck. Thanks for all the work on behalf of our Fairfax County Democratic candidates. It truly was exemplary work. 



November 5th is the Last Day to Vote Early

Do you work outside Fairfax County? This is just one of the 19 valid reasons a person can vote early in this election. Saturday, November 5 is the last day to absentee in-person vote in Fairfax County. All the absentee in-person voting locations will be open on Saturday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. If there is a chance you will not be able to visit your polling site before or after work, then please consider voting absentee in-person this weekend. Absentee in-person polling locations are available here. Don't be late to vote due to single tracking and rush hour on election day, consider voting ahead of schedule.


Volunteers Needed

There are 28 days until the election. We need volunteers to assist our efforts to help win on November 8th. Volunteers are needed for all types of jobs leading up to Election Day. In addition, we need volunteers to staff polling locations to help pass out literature to voters on Election Day. If you are looking for service hours or you just want to make sure we keep the White House blue, then sign up using our volunteer form. To access the volunteer form, visit . For more information or questions, contact us at