VAYD LuAnn Bennett Campus Invasion (VA-10)


The Virginia Young Democrats will be hosting a Commonwealth-wide invasion for LuAnn Bennett, Democratic congressional candidate one of the nation's most competitive red-to-blue district. RSVP:
This event is happening in our backyard so we need a strong showing of volunteers. It is a great opportunity to help a great candidate that will fight for us in Fairfax County.

Be there with our young Democrats, have fun and help elect a true Democratic leader to Congress! 

Join us! Please be sure to RSVP at , and then invite a friend!


Building Future Leaders

People rarely have an opportunity to make a direct impact on the future of the community. This is one of those opportunities. The Virginia High School Leadership Academy was created to train the next generation of activists, school board members, leaders, campaign managers, non-profit managers, and candidates.Participants will learn new skills on how to create an issue advocacy campaign from concept to implementation. One of the truly great components of the training is to get feedback from actual practitioners in our community. This a great training event for any high school student. 

If you are looking to help out a student in need, please consider sponsoring a high school student. You can provide a simple donation by clicking here



Consider Starting A High School Young Democrats Club

As our high school students go back to school in the coming weeks, we would like to make a request. Fairfax County has twenty-six high schools. Every school does not have a young democrats club. If you attend a school without a young democrats club, please consider starting one this year. It is an excellent opportunity for leadership development, future training, and civic engagement with your fellow students. Fairfax Young Democrats is available to assist with your club to help make the high school organization successful. If you are interested in starting a new high school democrats club in your high school or you would like to get connected your club, please email .