March For Our Lives Protest

The epidemic of gun violence continues to plague communities from the farmlands to the inner cities. It is imperative that we take action on simple issues like background checks, and gun shows loopholes. The tragedy in Parkland, Florida has helped galvanize students from all over the United States including Fairfax County to force the issue of gun violence on our legislator's agendas. In solidarity with our high school students, Fairfax Young Democrats will be participating in the March for Our Lives protest in Washington DC on March 24. 

Fairfax Young Democrats will be joining our friends at Arlington Young Democrats for this historic event on March 24. WMeet us near the 9th Street and Constitution Avenue entrance of the Sculpture Garden. We encourage students and our young professionals to join us to protest gun violence in our communities. 


Join us for our March Meeting

Fairfax Young Democrats will be meeting at Mustang Sally Brewing Company on March 22nd. The group will be meeting together around 7:00 PM. We will be discussing the March for Our Lives event, VAYD Convention, and other important events happening in the upcoming months. There will be a discussion about the 10th Congressional District and what we can do to help prepare for the general election. To sign up, click here


Fairfax Young Democrats on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting:

Fairfax Young Democrats are confounded after learning of yet another shooting- this time on the grounds of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. As of the writing of this statement, the death toll stands at seventeen. That is seventeen potential change-makers in our society who will not have a chance to pursue a greater purpose because of the senseless slaying on the afternoon of February 14 just moments before school dismissal.

The massacre merits a reminder about two mass shootings that have come to be known by the name of the schools: Columbine, the high school outside Denver where 12 students and a teacher were killed in 1999; and Sandy Hook, the elementary school in Newtown where 20 elementary school students and six adults were shot dead in 2012.Our members have literally grown up witnessing the horrors of mass shootings and watching on as those in a position to do something do nothing.

Since 2000, more than 40 “active shooter” episodes in schools have been recorded in the United States according to F.B.I. and news reports. It is easy to glaze over numbers and let the timeline of doing absolutely nothing to stop these horrors from occuring repeat again and again and again. Legislators need to be moved by voters who will hold them accountable for their inaction.

And Fairfax Young Democrats will not sit by. We urge our state and federal representatives to vote in accordance with common sense gun legislation. We as a nation, and on a smaller scale as a community of Democrats, need to move beyond thoughts and prayers. Our prayers can wait. We need common sense legislation now.

We call upon our lawmakers to stop letting Americans die in vain.


Thank you for your advocacy for common sense gun legislation reform,


Izzy Oldfield and Paul Davis


Fairfax Young Democrats