Support Students for the VAYD Convention

The annual Virgina Young Democrats Convention is scheduled for March 17th-19th on the campus of James Madison University in Harrisonburg. The purpose of our annual meeting is to conduct official VAYD business and to develop new skills with young democrats from around the Commonwealth to bring back to our communities. The high school students of Fairfax County have been working hard this year on starting new clubs and being amazing volunteers on our local campaigns. We are collecting donations for students in need that would like to attend the conference. The donation would cover convention registration and transportation costs. If you are looking to help out a student in need, please consider sponsoring a high school student. You can provide a simple donation by clicking HERE.  


Fairfax 101: Government & Politics Update

Due to the popularity of our Fairfax 101: Government & Politics event on February 23rd, we are adding a second Fairfax 101 event. The event program will be the same as the first event on February 23rd. We are just providing another opportunity for individuals to become educated about their community. Our second Fairfax 101: Government & Politics event will be held at the City of Fairfax Regional Library (10360 North Street, Fairfax, 22030) on March 2nd.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 PM. For more information, please contact 


Fairfax 101.png



Fairfax Young Democrats Night of Action

This is the time for action. Many organizations have called for specific action against the policies of the Trump Administration. Specifically, we are working very hard to voice our concerns about the cabinet level nominees and the nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States. In addition, we know a game plan is needed to get our message out to the young voters of Fairfax County. The 2017 statewide election is very important to keep Virginia moving towards progressive policies and to combat against the state legislators that want to take Virginia back into the past. This is a call to action. 

Join Fairfax Young Democrats as we gather together to work and resist the current political landscape. This is an opportunity to meet with other young progressives and complete projects. Our meeting will be held at Herndon Fortnightly Library (768 Center Street, Herndon, 20170) on February 9th beginning at 7:30 PM. 

We will be working together to shape our Fairfax Young Democrats action plan, write letters to elected officials, policy research, and creating literature/signs. We blocked out the time and place, so join us for action with a purpose!

FYD Night of Action.png