2013 Democratic Candidates


Governor: Terry McAuliffe; www.terrymcauliffe.com Facebook.pngTwitter.png

Lt. Governor: Ralph Northam;  www.northamforlg.com Facebook.pngTwitter.png

Attorney General: Mark Herring; www.markherring.org Facebook.pngTwitter.png


House of Delegates

 34th District: Kathleen Murphy  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

35th District: Delegate Mark Keam  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

36th District: Delegate Ken Plum  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

37th District: Delegate David Bulova  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

38th District: Delegate Kaye Kory  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

39th District: Delegate Vivian Watts  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

40th District: Jerry Foltz  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

41st District: Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

42nd District: Ed Deitsch  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

43rd District: Delegate Mark Sickles  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

44th District: Delegate Scott Surovell  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

45th District: Delegate Rob Krupicka  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

48th District: Delegate Bob Brink  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

49th District: Delegate Alfonso Lopez  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

53rd District: Marcus Simon  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

67th District: Hung Nguyen  Facebook.pngTwitter.png

86th District: Jennifer Boysko  Facebook.pngTwitter.png


 Click here for a map of Fairfax County House of Delegate Districts



Fairfax County Sheriff

Stacey Kincaid